Alternative Energies

The importance of alternative energy sources has never been more relevant. It is well documented that our planet is unable to sustain the current levels of energy consumption and that we are going to need more energy. Alternative energy sources can and will need to provide just that! At Elite we offer a range of alternative energy solutions providing not only environmental benefits but a reduction in you energy bills. Generating your own power can also save towards your annual energy bills.

Our alternative energy services although not limited to include:

  • Solar Panels
  • Air Source Heat pumps
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Alternative energy solutions can be extremely versatile. We have experience in installing a variety of solar panels regardless of their location. Slim solar panels offer the versatility of being installed within or on top of pitched and flat roofs.
Reduce your energy costs and carbon foot print by investing in Elite PH&G Ltd to install your alternative energy source today.